About us

Who we are?

We think differently!

We believe that creating new buildings is a privilege and we can transform the lives of our clients and occupants through dynamic living, learning and working spaces. We’re passionate about offsite construction methods, we understand it, we enjoy it and we’ve proved that we are very good at it!

We expand our impact by giving back through our charitable donations which happens automatically everytime you work with us.

We understand your challenges

We understand that people who embark on a modern method of construction project with little or no experience face three common challenges:
  1. difficult decisions when navigating the minefield of selecting building systems as the majority of offsite system manufacturers only install their system with no interest in resolving how best to integrate with the other required systems.  
  2. learning during the build is a risky strategy as with the precision and speed of offsite construction incorrect decisions and errors are exasperated onsite in the form of delays, stress and additional costs.
  3. traditional and modern methods of construction are different beasts and requires a different way of thinking, equally, traditional builders typically struggle with realising the full benefits of offsite construction.  

We know how to help you

Our experienced and high calibre team listen to understand your plans and work hard to solve your challenges:
  1.  we manufacture, supply and install leading structural insulated panels (SIPs) and hybrid timber systems. We also supply and install numerous approved building systems that interact with the structure to form the foundations, windows, roof coverings and external cladding. 
  2. we are by your side step by step through the design stages and build which results in a significantly quicker occupation date, a stress free build and no risk of additional costs. 
  3. our client focused approach, market leading experience, cutting edge software and understanding of both offsite and onsite construction ensures that you will experience the benefits of design freedom, rapid build, energy efficiency and reduced disruption.    

Advanced offsite solutions

There are two packages to choice from, and each one is tailored to a specific need:

Building envelope: you require a rapid weathertight building, ready for you to complete the internal works and finishes. 
Complete Build: we complete the full construction phase of your project. 
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